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The IHI Alliance Global Standards.

The IHI Alliance Global Standars are available for purchase in soft and hard copy. Please contact us and we’ll have it available for download or delivery.


IHI Alliance will be embarking on various educational programs to benefit the Muslim world and those engaging with it.  We believe massive effort is needed to spread traditional Islamic knowledge in a contemporary way among members of society, businesses, management and policy makers.

Contact us if you have a potential collaborative educational project with the IHI Alliance. We’d love to hear from you.


The IHI Alliance provides consultancy for various projects in the halal market space. We know that each city or even village has different challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to Muslim requirements.

For over 10 years we’ve helped establish a halal certification body in Japan, trained individuals to be certified halal auditors and assisted airlines to be halal policy conforming entities.

We develop and implement halal assurance system, assist in halal pre-audit, non conformance findings, rectification exercise, halal supply chain process flow and general business improvement.

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The IHI Alliance Membership is open to all those engaged with the Muslim market.

  • Free annual subscription to the IHI Alliance e-newsletter
  • Attend the IHI Alliance programs
  • Lead and participate in the IHI Alliance Halal Development Projects
  • Network with business contacts in the Halal market
  • Membership certificate and ID card
  • Discounts for all IHI Alliance affiliated services and products
  • Special invitation for all events by Mosafer C with a 5% discount.
  • Discounts from 5% – 10% on selected products and services under Mosafer C


We believe this is the era of collaborations. There are so much work that is yet to be done in taking care of the earth, educating people, saving animals from brutality, growing natural and nourishing food, creating sustainable farms, creating livelihood for people. The list is long and important. We welcome collaborations with those who have the same values and intention.


Contact us. We can do great work together insha Allah.


The IHI Alliance provides halal verification services to companies. We abide by the best global standards in assisting companies mould their operations to fulfil Muslim dietary and religious requirements.

Our clients include restaurants, airline caterers, food manufacturers, logistic providers and we’re expanding our services to hotels (Muslim friendly) and tour operators (Muslim friendly).


Contact us to find out how you can be apart of the Alliance.


1- Certified Halal Executive Program

is a personnel development programme designed to assist organizations in training and qualifying its personnel as IHIA Certified Halal Executive.

The main objective of the CIEP is to support business organizations in setting up a robust Halal Assurance System (HAS), and maintaining it by having the HAS system supervised by a qualified Halal Executive for ensured compliance throughout the halal certification validity period.


• Multinationals and medium-scale operations.
• Foodservice and hospitality business with franchise or multiple branch operations
• Logistics business operators
• Personnel responsible as Halal executive, and personnel appointed as members in Internal Halal Committee


4 days

2- Certified Halal Lead Auditor Program

Halal Lead Auditor’s Training (HLAT) was introduced as a means to elevate the quality of the Halal auditing process in accordance with the guidelines set forth in IHI Alliance’s global Halal standard.

The programme is committed to provide Halal auditors with structured methodologies of Halal conformity assessment that include documents preliminary review, detailed planning, audit conduct, systematic reporting, Corrective measures and periodical surveillance.

HLAT also imposes stringent criteria in maintaining Halal integrity striking a balance between theoretical and practical skills essential for auditors with different levels of experience.


• Fundamental Principles of Shariah
• Quality Management System (QMS)
• Food Safety Assurance Plan
• Halal Critical Control Point (HCCP)
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Environmental Management and Sustainability
• Halal Audit System and Certification System
• Global Halal Management System (GHMS)
• HLAT Examination


• To provide participants with sound theoretical and practical knowledge in all phases of Halal auditing
• To establish a competent audit practice and professional code of ethics that preserve the integrity of Halal
• To enhance the standard and quality of Halal certification with the implementation of IHI Alliance's Global Halal Management System (GHMS)


Participants who successfully completed the continuous assessment during the course, which include the site audit observation and the written examination (conducted on the last day of the course), will be issued a certificate by IHI Alliance. Such certificates of successful course completion are only valid for three years from the date of the course for the purpose of auditor certification/registration with IHI Alliance. Please note that attendance on the course alone does not qualify a participant as a certified/registered Halal auditor


This course is suitable for those:
• Who require a detailed knowledge of Halal auditing process
• Whose job involves assessment of Halal suppliers and potential suppliers
• Who are responsible for managing the Halal audit function within their organisation
• Who are involved in preparing for assessment by customers or certification bodies


4 days:
• 2 days classroom
• 1 day site audit observation
• 3 hour written examination

3- Halal Industry Awareness Training

A training programme that can be tailored to one or a combination of the IHI Alliance Halal Standard which are Animal Feed, Animal Welfare, Slaughter and Processing, Food Services, Cosmetic and Personal Care, Muslim-Friendly Hospitality, Logistics and Laboratory Testing and Analysis for Halal.

It is designed to teach participants the core Shari’ah and technical aspects of each sector, helping new and established organisations to venture into the Halal industry with globally accepted standards and relevant market intelligence.


• Individuals who want to develop knowledge on the Halal industry from farm to fork
• Corporate organisations who seek to build a solid foundation of a particular Halal sector for a new business venture
• Government agencies who are involved in domestic and inter-national developments of Halal industry in their country
• Halal auditors and practitioners involved in preparing for assessment by customers or certification bodies
• Academicians from schools and universities seeking to build


2 days

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